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Rhed and Maya

Ayurvedic Hair Spray

Ayurvedic Hair Spray

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High Tea Ayurvedic Hair Mist
🌈 a lightweight spray moisturizer, suitable for daily use 💕 

#3 BESTSELLER for hair growth 

the Ayurvedic system for hair care, makes use of natural ingredients to strengthen, thicken, soothe, re-grow, restore, balance and optimize hair health. 

High Tea is a super charged light weight sprayable moisturizer that stimulates growth while dealing with issues of hair loss by stopping excessive hair shedding, to give you a healthy, well moisturized hair. it is a protective style essential for keeping your hair weightlessly moisturized and reducing the risk of damage while it's in a protective style.

how to use:
spray directly onto hair and scalp to hydrate and refresh your hair during the week. it is ideal for replacing moisture in your protective styles before wash day. for added shine and nourishment, seal with Balance Ayurvedic Infused Oil 

it can also be used as the L in your L.C.O. method.

what's in it:
distilled water, rose hydrosol, BTMS 50, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, aloevera, green tea, amla, neem, moringa, fenugreek, sage, horsetail, cloves, rosemary, msm, tea tree, peppermint EO, tocopherol, preservative, fragrance.

why we love ...

♡ each product is handmade with love and a ton of prayers (best believe!) in small batches, to ensure a control in quality. 

♡ every formula has been designed with PREMIUM quality and safe ingredients, because while it is a priority that we keep your hair looking all healthy and fly, we put major priority on your body health! so you can be rest assured that every ingredient in each jar is clean and safe for you to use.

♡ rhed & maya products help to stimulate healthy hair growth while helping you maintain a soft, moisturized, healthy and long hair.

♡ our products are pH balanced.


WARNING: always do a patch test before using any new product. for external use only. avoid contact with eyes. if contact occurs, rinse well with water.

how to use

Squeeze out a liberal amount into your palm, work it into damp hair from tips to roots and enjoy moisturized, tangle-free silky strands 💕

WARNING: always do a patch test before using any new product. for external use only. avoid contact with eyes.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Tosin Salami
    It is really hydrating

    I dyed my hair which has made it coarse, but since I started using the High Tea my hair has been easier to maintain. It hydrates, softens and nourishes my hair, thereby preventing shedding.

    Elohor Echero
    My Favorite Hair Tea

    I love the High Tea! It my go-to moisturizer when my hair is in weave/braids because it keeps my scalp moisturized. It has also helped me manage breakage. My hair used to breakage a lot but now, it's better.

    . . .love your natural🌈

    Rhed and Maya products are made with PREMIUM quality ingredients, guaranteed to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

    Do you need help begining your healthy hair journey? please send us a message We'd love to be a part of your healthy hair journey